Mission Statement

To provide a competently trained, educated, and retrainable workforce to support agriculture, business, health services, industry, and government while also providing an alternative to and/or a foundation to higher education.

Vision Statement

Our institution will continue to provide the residents of our service area and local communities the training to become economically self-sufficient while providing an alternative to higher education and establishing a foundation for entry into higher education.

Welcome to Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute

Would you like to become more employable, advance in your current profession, or start your own business?   CRTI can help!   Our programs are short (most less than year) and geared toward teaching you specific skills, skills in which employers are now looking. 

We believe in vocational education!  Many of our current staff and faculty are graduates of CRTI.  You are our priority and we will work with you to achieve your ultimate goal, gainful employment.  You can start planning your future today by using the links on this page to view our programs, meet the instructors, and discover what each program has to offer you.

Come by the campus and visit with the instructors and staff who can help make your dreams a reality.

If you have any questions,  please contact us at:
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

From the staff of CRTI

The staff would like to welcome all students who enter the doors of Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute.  It is the belief of this institution that today's students are tomorrow's leaders.  Graduates of Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute are trained and ready, not only to enter the work force, but to step into a place of leadership when duty calls.  It is the philosophy of this institution that the student is the most important person on campus.  Second only to the students are the instructors of Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute who are highly skilled and dedicated in their desire to teach.  Instructional programs are designed to assist students in obtaining their vocational goals. All employees on the campus of Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute are here for one purpose - to help students help themselves. Accepting this challenge with an open mind will help students acquire the capacity to appreciate, accept, and adapt to changes in this ever-changing world.   We, at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute, believe that the policies and procedures outlined in the school's catalog will benefit students and will serve to make the overall instructional program more effective.

Respectfully yours,

CRTI staff