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Assessment Testing is given on Wednesdays at 9:00 am on the EACC campus.  A state issued photo ID (example: Driver's License) and appointment is required for all assessment testing.
Crowley's Ridge Vocational-Technical School (presently Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute) was created during the development of public postsecondary vocational technical schools in Arkansas.

In June 1965, Forrest City was selected to become the location of one of these new schools. Forty acres of land from Forrest City Industrial Development Corporation and four acres from Janet B. Lenygon were donated on which to construct the new school. A bid for the construction of the building was approved on May 17, 1966. The school accepted its first students in September 1967.

The school has been expanded many times over the years. Currently, the total square footage of floor space (classrooms, lab areas, offices, and storage) is 72,788 and houses 14 full-time programs, 4 part-time programs, and the Adult Education program.

Since the school opened in 1967, there have only been three directors. Conway Wilson became the first director in September of 1966. In March of 1970, James Mullen took over as director. Burl Lieblong succeeded Mr. Mullen in August of 1973 and held the position till August of 2015. 

CRTI's purpose was, at its inception and is still today, to train individuals in specific skills to increase their employability. As long as the need for skilled, trained workers remains, we will continue to provide training for those who desire to enter the workforce.

Read more about Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute's history at The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture's Website.
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