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Assessment Testing is given on Wednesdays at 9:00 am on the EACC campus.  A state issued photo ID (example: Driver's License) and appointment is required for all assessment testing.
Mission Statement

The mission of the Adult Education Program at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute is to provide adult learners with the mechanisms to improve and refine their academic skills, attain the general educational development diploma, and the life skills, which prepare the citizen for self-sufficiency and improvement in the quality of life.

Adult Education
The adult education program provides the opportunity for adults to finish their high school education by preparing them to take the GED test. After passing the GED, the student will receive the Arkansas High School Diploma. Adult education is divided into Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Adult Education classes (GAE). In ABE classes, students study to improve basic skills in reading, writing, and math. In GAE classes, students study writing skills, math, and reading in the content areas of social studies, science, and literature, All classes offer individualized instruction and are open-entry/open-exit which means students may enroll any time during the semester and take the GED test when prepared. Classes are free and held in Monroe and St. Francis counties. Students are invited to walk with other Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute graduates in June.

About the GED Tests

Who can take the GED Exam?

The general requirements for taking the GED Exam in Arkansas are as follows:

1.  Must be a legal resident of Arkansas.
2.  Must be able to show two of the following forms of positive ID:
          A.  Birth Certificate
          B.  An official Social Security card
          C.  Valid driver's license or other state photo being
3.  Must submit signed and dated proof of completion of the GED Ready Test
4. Applicants must be 18 years of age and not enrolled in a high school, excluding the special      exceptions which follow:
          A.  Has been out of school 6 months or a former member of a senior class which has graduated
         B.  Can provide an endorsement of a school (public, private parochial, or Arkansas Home School as per Act 42 of 1985, as amended 1987) official verifying the student's last date of attendance.
5.  Can provide written content of:
          A.  Parent, legal guardian or other approving adult
          B.  Proof of marriage

Where is the GED Exam given?
The GED Exam is usually given twice a month at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute's testing center located on the main campus at 1620 Newcastle Road in Forrest City, AR.

What score is required to pass the GED Exam?
A minimum average score of 145 is required on each exam for a total of 580 points to pass the Official GED Exam.

How long will it take for me to prepare for the GED Exam?
The amount of time needed is based on many factors, including the level of reading and math the student possessed at the time of entry into the program, the attitude of the student, the maturity level of the student, and the time spent preparing for the test.  Because each person is unique, it is impossible to determine the amount of time needed to pass the GED Exam.

How much does it cost to take the GED Exam?
The GED exam in Arkansas costs $16.00 for the whole test, but you can always pay as you go for one subject at a time or $4.00 per test.

What happens if I do not pass the tests?
You can take the GED tests over.  We recommend that students who do not pass the test attend classes to become more prepared for the section(s) of the test that they did not pass.

Can I get into college with a GED?
The GED diploma is accepted by about 95 percent of the U.S. colleges and universities. GED graduates are also eligible for most federal financial aid programs provided they meet other criteria. GED graduates will likely have to take the ACT or some other type of test for college admissions purposes.

Is the GED test easy?
The GED is NOT an easy test; however, it is not impossible. By setting clear and concise learning goals in this adult education class, you can achieve your goal of passing the examination. Below are several learning goals any student desiring to take the GED test needs to achieve.         

Goal 1:  Learners will identify and correct errors in pieces of writing using the                                   conventions of standard written English.         

Goal 2:  Learners will use the writing process to compose a well-organized, 200-word essay on an assigned topic within an allotted time period.         

Goal 3:  Learners will read and develop an understanding of key concepts and                         vocabulary in social studies.         

Goal 4:  Learners will read and develop an understanding of vocabulary and application of key concepts in science.         

Goal 5:  Learners will be able to comprehend, interpret, and analyze popular and                         classical literature and commentary about literature and the arts.         

Goal 6:  Learners will develop an understanding of applied mathematical concepts in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry that require reasoning and problem-solving skills.         

Goal 7:  Learners will be better prepared for the tests of the GED by learning pertinent test taking strategies.

How can I enroll in the GED class?
In order to determine how to best help you prepare for the GED, we will have you complete the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Locator Assessment. This is a short test that covers reading, math, and language. The results of this test will help us determine which longer version of the TABE to give you. Based on your Locator Assessment results, we will assign one of four Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) skill level tests categorized from E(easy), M(medium), D(difficult), to A(advanced). This is a 3.5 hour test which covers reading, math, and language. After completing the test, it will be graded and you and the instructor will review your scores to find out what you need to study to prepare for the GED exam.

What types of questions are on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)?
The TABE test covers three major areas of academic competence; reading, mathematics, and language. After you finish the test, we will know exactly which area you need to focus on to make the most of your time in the GED program. We use your TABE results to develop individualized study plans designed to raise your skill levels where needed.

Your assessment pre-tests are scored by computer. Each test will provide you with a prescription sheet that shows the areas you will need to study. Each area is called an objective. When you master the objectives prescribed, then you are ready to take the TABE post-tests.

The first set of TABE tests you take are the TABE pre-tests and after you increase your skill level by participating in our program, the second set of TABE tests are TABE post-tests. After you finish all of your pre-testing, you will be given an assignment sheet that will guide you in selecting your daily assignments. Instruction includes a combination of group classes and individual study. The assignment sheet provides space for you to track your work, identify your progress and prepare you for the post-test. After working on your objectives, a teacher will give you the appropriate test to see if you have mastered all of your objectives.  The next step is to take the GED Ready Practice Test, and then, the Official GED exam.

Will I be receive grades in the ABE/GED classes?
While attending the Adult Education classes, you will not receive grades. The instructors focus on helping each student master the skills needed to be successful in reaching his/her personal learning goals. Class work is usually self-paced and based on the individual's personal learning level. Many times, the entire class will all be working on different assignments and the instructor will roam the room helping each student with any problems that may arise. It is each student's responsibility to inform the instructor about any problems he/she is having with his/her class work.

Each student's attendance and behavior is vital to reaching his/her individual goals. Being on time and in class everyday will help a student achieve his/her learning goals much sooner than a student who only attends occasionally. While in class, the students are expected to behave as responsible adults since every student's behavior effects not only his/her performance but the performance of the class as a whole. For this very reason if a student does not follow the rules and guidelines for the classroom, that student may be dismissed from the class.

How long will I have to take classes?
An individual's background knowledge, personal motivation, and study habits will determine how long that person will spend in the classroom. After 30 hours of class time, the instructor will give the TABE again as a posttest to evaluate the progress that has been made and if there is additional material that needs to be covered in class.

What is the GED?
The Tests of General Educational Development (GED) are designed to measure learning outcomes that are generally acquired through completion of a high school program of study. The GED is a standardized test, meaning that its' scoring scale is derived from the performance of a sample of graduating high school seniors. The content on the test is drawn from material used in today's high schools.
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