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Auto Body Repair
Auto Body Repair
Length of program:
 53 weeks (1,590 clock hrs)
Tuition and fees*:
$ 1,890.00
Cost of books and supplies*:
$ 867.60
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$ 0.00
Total cost of program*:
$ 2,757.60
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Enrollment limitation:
25 students

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Richard Moore
40 years experience
870 633-5411 ext. 137

Mission Statement

The mission of the Auto Body Repair Program at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute is to provide the training necessary for students to be competitive in the workforce by strengthening the basic, occupational, communication, and technical skills required to become economically self-sufficient or to use acquired training as a foundation to higher education.

Do cars drive YOU? Are you looking for a rewarding career in the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute's Auto Body Repair Program has the solution for YOU!

The need for trained, talented, and professional automotive repair technicians is on the rise due to the demanding workload that is created by the automotive industry.

Body repair technicians fix everything from small scratches in a car's finish to major damage following an accident. In this program, you will learn to repair newer vehicles and restore older cars to their original condition. You will also learn specialized areas in the automotive repair field, such as fiberglass body repair.

We realize that not everyone wants to become a collision repair technician but a career in the automotive industry still may be for you. For instance, you may choose to be a claims adjuster, sales and parts distributor, wholesale distribution manager, painting and coating worker/supervisor, or an automotive assembly worker. You may even decide to open your own business. (

Becoming a certified Automotive Repair Technician offers endless opportunities for a successful future.

Take advantage of our comprehensive program of training and hands-on experience to fulfill your dreams of becoming a skilled professional! Call or stop by Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute for more information

Instructor Biography - Richard Moore

I am a 1991 CRTI Auto Body Repair Program graduate. The training I received expanded the knowledge I had previously accumulated and further honed my skills in the auto body repair field. Although this was the first time I received formal training, this was not my first experience in auto body repair.

At the age of 16, I discovered I enjoyed painting cars when I had the opportunity to paint a 1967 Ford Mustang lime green. It was a thrilling experience; one, of which, I could not wait to repeat. However, life does not always work out to our liking.

After an unexpected move, I found myself working for a company in northern Chicago as a mechanic. I was fortunate to find myself working with a gentleman who had 30 plus years of experience in the auto body repair field. His tutelage gave me access to his vast knowledge. Just when I thought I had found the perfect mentor, I was called back home to Arkansas.

After returning to Arkansas, I resumed working as a mechanic. However, I still yearned to return beat-up vehicles to their former glory. After some time had passed, I opened my own shop which is still in operation today.

In August 2008, I was hired as a part-time instructor and when the opportunity arose, I was promoted to a full-time instructor position. I really enjoy my job. I get to do what I love and pass my years of knowledge and experience onto others.
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