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Frequently Asked Questions
The following questions have been addressed to our staff so often that we posted them here with the answers for your convenience.
When can I take the Assessment Test for the Practical Nursing Program?
Assessment Testing scores for the Practical Nursing Program are accepted ONLY from the last Monday of January through the last Friday of April.

Where is Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute?
Click here to receive more information on how to locate CRTI.

Can I enroll in two programs at the same time?
No. Due to the nature of each program's scheduling, it is not possible to be enrolled in more than one program at a time.

Will I receive a diploma or be certified after I graduate?
It depends on the program. Contact the program instructor for more information.

How far back can I get information from when I attended CRTI (a transcript)?
Student Services has a database with current and past student records.

Does the school take in and repair vehicles for the general public?
Yes. A work request form must be completed and submitted to the instructor.

Do students and instructors go to individuals' homes to build or remodel projects?
No. Due to class scheduling, it is not possible for students to leave campus for extended periods of time.

What is your FAX number?
Our FAX number is 870.633.9328. To ensure the FAX sent is received by the appropriate person, please specify on a cover sheet to whom the FAX is intended.

Do you have a toll free phone number?
Our phone numbers are 870.633.5411 and 1.800.842.2317.

If I do not qualify for financial aid, will I be required to pay for the entire program at once?
No, costs are broken down by semester. Contact Shelly Laird (extension 140) in Student Services for more information.
Assessment Testing is given on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 8:00 am. A state issued photo ID (example: Driver's License) and appointment is required for all assessment testing.

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