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     I am a registered nurse with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. I graduated from the Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute Practical Nursing Program in 2007. I really enjoyed my time here as a student, and I am thrilled to return to teach new nursing students. I am dedicated to continue the school's reputation of placing some of the best nurses into the field. I have worked med-surg, occasionally transferring to ER, ICU, Special Care, and Rehab. I enjoy sharing my hospital experiences with the students to provide a better understanding of the material being taught.
     We have wonderful classrooms, lab, and clinical sites. These are all great tools to provide experience for nurses before they enter into the nursing profession. Students will learn in detail the skills, procedures, and critical thinking skills that are vital to their nursing career. Students completing this program feel very prepared for their new career.
     A nursing career offers so many job opportunities and is a very rewarding profession. A nurse can provide direct care, teach, manage, plan, and the list goes on and on. All of this can be accomplished in 10 1/2 months. "Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today!"

     Think of your lifelong dream! Is it to be debt free? Is it a trip to Cozumel or Hawaii? Possibly, your dream is a red Pontiac Solstice with a black convertible top. All of these are attainable dreams. But, what if we at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute (CRTI) could help you reach some lifetime dreams that are attainable yet PRICELESS! Dreams such as: a smile on someone's face because of you; your heart bursting with pride because of help given to others; pride in providing care to an individual who no longer feels needed or loved; pride in the accomplishment of difficult tasks that require precise skills; or the sharing of a tender touch at just the right moment! These dreams are also attainable dreams with the help of the Practical Nursing Faculty at CRTI. If you can give the nursing faculty 10.5 months of dedicated studying, then, we can help you, "Be all that you can be" as a licensed practical nurse. In 2006 LPNs in the United States held 749,000 jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this number will grow to 854,000 by 2016. This is a 14% increase in employment in a 10 year span. At this time, not many career paths can claim an increase in the number of jobs. While opportunities remain strong for LPNs in the hospitals, new jobs in long-term care facilities and home health care jobs will increase. The LPN also plays a vital role in doctors' offices. Jobs for LPNs will also see an increase according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the area of public health. So, if you want a career that has unlimited potential for growth; a career that helps you develop to your full potential, and a career where dreams really do come true, CRTI is the place for you. Please call 870-633-5411 today for the application process for the Practical Nursing Program at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute.
both the classroom and clinical setting. After classroom hours, I make myself available to any student in need of additional help.
     Our newly renovated lab is a great asset when I start instructing the students on skills they need to master before entering the clinical setting. I encourage students to participate in role playing, demonstrations, and critical thinking exercises that will reinforce what is learned in the classroom. I will do everything possible to help the students in my class be the very best nurse they can be!
     My philosophy for life and teaching is that, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." I anticipate many more years of teaching others about the ultimate career, Nursing.

Philosophy of the PN Program

The practical nursing program's mission is to prepare PNs who are competent to function as members of health care teams in acute care settings, long term care facilities, and community clinics. We believe since nursing is an art, science, and a service, that the practical nurse should be skilled in all three areas to be a successful member of the health care team. We recognize that each complex living human being has physical, mental, emotional, and social needs that must be met to maintain one's own self-image, dignity, and self worth. Each person has the basic right to maintain and enjoy the best level of health possible. We believe individuals across the life span have the right to the best possible nursing care. To accomplish this, the practical nurse should communicate therapeutically to the patient, the patient's family, and other members of the health care team. Care should be implemented based on the Nursing Process and should incorporate the patient's cultural differences. Our mission includes training a practical nurse that demonstrates basic knowledge and skill to safely render or delegate nursing care. An essential component of this nursing care will be teaching the patient and the patient's family. It is our goal to instill a desire to learn so that the PN student can easily make the transition from student to a practicing nurse that seeks out opportunities for increased knowledge that meets life long learning goals in the field of nursing.

Approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing Fall 2002.

     I am an RN with a BS in Nursing and have been employed with CRTI since July of 2002. I teach in
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All program costs are subject to change. Tax has not been added to the total cost of the program. For further information on the costs of the programs, please contact Student Services at (870) 633-5411 or (800) 842-2317.
All information provided by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-2013 Edition.
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A minimum score of 38 on each section of the ASSET is required to enter this program.
Practical Nursing
Length of program:
Tuition and fees:
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     ALPNA Registration Dues, TB Skin Test,
     Background Check, Class Dues, Hepatitis
     Shot, Mal-Practice Insurance, FBI Check,
     NCLEX Fees, State Criminal Background
     Check, ARSBN Fees, Temporary Permit
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40 weeks (1,364 clock hours)
$  1,350.00
$  1,971.50

$     641.00
$  3,962.50
24 students