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Special Admission Policy

Students must take the State Board Nursing Exam to acquire their license. Advanced Placement is not awarded due to the length of program.


To gain admission to the Practical Nursing Program, the applicant must complete the following steps in this order. All applicants must complete the required testing on the CRTI campus. Assessment testing scores will no longer be accepted from other testing sites. A valid picture ID must be presented prior to each test.

1.  Assessments for the Practical Nursing Program are given on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 8:00 a.m. beginning on the last Monday in January for the following August class. The deadline is the last Friday in April at 8:00 a.m. The assessment test requires a minimum score of 80 in reading, sentence structure, and math on one complete test. Any score below 80 invalidates all scores. PN testing rules allow applicants one (1) retest on the assessment test using an alternate form of the test. Any assessment test retest voids all previous assessment test scores. Assessment test scores will be valid for the current calendar year. There is no fee for the assessment test for the first attempt.  $10 fee after 1st attempt.

2.  Those meeting the minimum scores on the first assessment test are eligible to take the second assessment test. This second assessment test is only available during the PN application and testing period and will be given by appointment only. PN testing rules ALLOW applicants to retest on the second assessment test one time during the same application period. Any retest voids all previous scores on the second assessment test.  Second assessment test scores will be valid for the current calendar year. The second assessment test fee is $15.00 fee (subject to change).

3.  Students who speak English as a second language shall meet the same admission
           criteria as other students. They must submit a copy of the TOEFL Examination

4.  Students who pass both assessment tests are mailed a packet with the
           information session date and time. The application packet consists of (1) consent for
           background check, (3) personal references, (2) business references, (1)
           autobiography page (must be handwritten), and (1) immunization form. A
           completed high school transcript or its equivalent must also be in the applicant's

5.  If applicant has a positive background check, he/she will not be accepted.

6.  The students are told to have their entire application packet completed by the
            deadline specified in their letter.

7.  Applicants are to appear at the designated time and place for an information session
           regarding the program. At this time the applicant will also be given information
           regarding circumstances that would keep him/her from taking the NCLEX

8.  After the deadline of June 1st of each year, the completed application packets are
           turned over to the selection committee for selection.

9.  Once the selection is made, the applicants are notified in writing as to whether they
           have been selected or not. The selected applicants will have a deadline to register. If
           they are not registered by a specific date, the slot is given to the 1st alternate in line.

Upon successful completion of the program, the student is awarded a graduate nurse diploma. He/she must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses to receive a license in this state. The applicant will be required to have a State of Arkansas and FBI background check before he/she can take the State Board of Nursing Examination for Practical Nursing. He/she may complete the PN program at CRTI and NEVER be allowed to take the NCLEX-PN Examination, if you are guilty of the following:

ACA ยง 17-87-312  Criminal Background Checks

Assessment Testing is given on Wednesdays at 9:00 am on the EACC campus.  A state issued photo ID (example: Driver's License) and appointment is required for all assessment testing.
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