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Classes are in session from
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Length of program:
37 weeks (1,110 clock hrs)
Tuition and fees:
$ 1,350.00
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$ 609.70
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$ 1,959.70
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Enrollment limitation:
30 students

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Rickey Martin
40 years of experience
870.633.5411 ext. 130

Mission Statement

The mission of the Welding Program at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute is to provide the training necessary for students to be competitive in the workforce by strengthening the basic, occupational, communication, and technical skills required to become economically self-sufficient or to use acquired training as a foundation to higher education.

Welcome to the Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute's Welding program!

If you enjoy working with your hands, this is the career for you. BE WARNED, being a welder is not for everyone. It is hot, dirty work and you will constantly work in extreme conditions, BUT the excellent pay and the feeling of pride in your work are well worth the discomforts.

In this program, we will train you in all phases of welding (oxy fuel welding, cutting, brazing, ARC welding, MIG welding, TIG welding). You will learn to weld pipe as well as plate. Under the guidance of the instructor, you will have the opportunity to gain additional hands-on experience by working on projects we take in from the public. To achieve American Welding Society (AWS) certification, your welds will be tested not only visually but also by a bend test and an x-ray of the weld. 

Welders are needed to fabricate or repair machinery that traverses the depths of the ocean to space!  Everyone from the armed services to the automobile, space, railroad, marine, aviation, and heavy equipment industries need competent welders. You could even open your own business. Welding career possibilities are endless.

Although once considered "a man's job", women are finding their place in the welding industry. N.A.S.A.'s need of the small, tedious welds done under a magnifier are executed more precisely by women. Also, age is not a factor when it comes to learning the fine art of welding. High schoolers to retirees (male and female) have successfully completed this program and went on to become profitable welders.

Call or come by today to learn more about how the Welding program can benefit YOU!

Instructor Biography - Rickey Martin

I have 40 years of experience in the welding industry. I have welded on everything from nuclear power plants to cross country gas pipelines. I have worked as an AWS Certified Welding Inspector as well as a supervisor of welders on major industrial construction projects such as power plants, chemical plants, and refineries.

My career as a welder began in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1973. I started out as a welder helper on a pipeline job. About a year later, I moved to Alaska to work as a welder helper and remained there for approximately two years before getting my own welding rig and began welding on cross country pipelines in 1976. I later got into supervision and inspection before coming here as an instructor. Learning to weld and getting a job welding only opens the door for many opportunities in the field of welding.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with those who are sincerely interested in learning the skill of welding. Welding can be a very challenging and rewarding career path.
Additional Courses
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*NOTE: These courses are required to receive a diploma. Unsatisfactory completion of these courses will result in a certificate of completion for the program only.
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